Master Furniture Makers LLC


An initial consultation at our studio is usually the first step. The general design and function of the furniture piece is discussed at that time. It's a great idea to start a scrapbook with magazine pages displaying designs that catch your eye. The images may be an example of the wood type, texture or style you like, which helps us understand what appeals to you.

Based on your preferences, we deliver a price range for your desired furniture design and development. Next, we render concept drawings and once a design has been agreed upon, we present a finalized price and contract document. At that time we will establish an estimated completion date for your furniture piece. The first phase of production begins with shop drawings or a to-scale layout of the piece. If necessary, we will ask you to visit the studio for a final approval of the layout. During the building process we regularly update you with photos via email or invite you to visit the studio to see the piece in progress. Finish samples will be created for your approval during that time.
When the project is completed, we ask you to view the piece at the studio for a final approval. Delivery or pick-up arrangement are made at that time. We request a fifty percent deposit upon commissioning the work. The remaining balance is due at pick up or delivery. We gladly accept all major credit cards. Our completion times depend largely on the scale of the project, but usually range from eight to ten weeks.